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St. Mary's Church, Westport.

South Mall, Westport, Co. Mayo.

A Catholic Church built in the 1800's, which has undergone some renovations, notably in the 1930's & 1950's, with the altar and sanctuary remodelled in 1973. The most recent renovation works (roof) was in 2018. St. Mary's Church is a Protected Structure.

Scope of Works Included:

  • Electrical Survey

  • Tracing Circuits / Fault-Finding / Troubling Shooting

  • Main & Sub-Main Distribution Boards.

  • Sub-Mains Cabling.

  • Cable Containment.

  • Internal & External Lighting.

  • Emergency Lighting.

  • PA System

  • General Services.

  • Distress Call Alarm.

  • Electric Space Heating.

  • Fire Alarm

  • Lightning Protection.

  • Wiring Associated with Mech Services.

  • Earthing / Testing / Commissioning.

  • Record Documentation & As-Built Drawings.

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