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St. Cronan's Church, Balla 

Balla, Co. Mayo.

Roman Catholic Church is a protected structure in Balla and dates back to 1910.

The church which is Gothic in design is one of the best designed hall churches, i.e. the central aisle is tunnel-vaulted and the side aisles are flat ceilinged.

The southern porch resembles the medieval doorway of Cong Abbey.

The altar of the Lady Chapel is a copy of the altar in Holy Cross Abbey.

The high altar built in 1918 is of multi-polychromatic marble. The stained glass windows are by Harry Clarke and The Clarke Studies and bear the inscription in Irish: "Ros Dairbhreach is ainm don Ait seo fe lathair - Ball Aluinn is feasta is go brath."

Electrical Upgrade Works completed in 2011

Scope of Works Included:

  • Electrical Survey

  • Tracing Circuits / Fault-Finding / Troubling Shooting

  • Distribution Boards.

  • Sub-Mains Cabling.

  • Cable Containment.

  • Internal & External Lighting.

  • Emergency Lighting.

  • General Services.

  • Electric Space Heating.

  • Fire Alarm. 

  • Wiring Associated with Mechanical / Heating Services.

  • Earthing / Testing / Commissioning.

  • Record Documentation & As-Built Drawings.

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